How to Find The Right Balance for Your Roll Up Garage Door


One big advantage of installing roll up doors is their ability to last long. Naturally, roll up doors take years before one part gets bad; talk less of the door getting bad. Right from the roll up door latch to its springs and other parts, the roll up door is always durable. The durability is one main reason the doors have existed for many years. Before any of these modern doors designs existed, including bulletproof doors, roll up doors were in existence. No door design or type has been able to successfully push the roll up door aside in terms of usage and popularity. These doors are far from amazing.

While a roll up door lasts long without getting spoilt, it will show aging signs. One of the aging signs of a roll up door is losing its balance. Typically, the door is designed to have a balance in a way that allows it to stay firm even when you open it halfway. Over time, after years of opening and closing, it begins to lose this balance, making the door close abruptly. The first step to take is to confirm that the door is unbalanced. The best way to test this is to detach the opener and test the door’s movement. When you ensure that your doors are not balanced, the next thing to do is to have a fix. If you are generally scared of having something fixed yourself, you may want to call an expert. Calling an expert is your best option for fixing the unbalanced door. The expert will find the root cause of the unbalanced door, fix the problem, and prevent future problems. However, if you love to take on DIY tasks, you can check to balance your roll up door. The problem is usually with the springs, so that is the focus. Here is how to fix the unbalanced doors;

Confirm the unbalanced of the door

Before you start getting the tools or getting an expert, the first thing you need to do is to confirm the balance of the door. Doing this is an easy process, but it can be dangerous, so you have to be careful. The first step is to open the door halfway and see if it stops or comes down. Remember to remove your legs from anywhere close to the door before you release them because it may come down with a force. Usually, it should move up a tiny bit when you release the door halfway. If it comes down, it is not balanced.

Confirm which of the springs gave the unbalance

There are two main types of springs used in garage doors; the torsional springs and the side-mounted springs. When you confirm the springs, you will know the process to balance the springs.


The way you balance up the torsion springs is different from the side-mounted springs’ balance. Usually, it is only a matter of adjustment. Adjusting the side-mounted springs is always easier than the torsional springs. Usually, you will need an expert to help fix the torsional springs.


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