How to remove rust from a necklace with Vinegar

Necklace with open heart on white

As a necklace lover, a very frustrating experience is noticing rust on your necklace – no matter how small. If you bought your necklace from an unknown brand that can be dubious in its actions, it is almost expected. But when you are from a brand that sells the best woman silver necklace, it gets more frustrating. First, because you spent a lot of money trying to buy the small piece, the least favor you can ask for is the necklace lasting as long as possible. If the necklace is so beautiful, you may want it to last forever, but that is impossible. When you notice rust on your silver necklace, two reactions are possible depending on your personality.

If you are not a perfectionist, you may let it slide and keep wearing the necklace as long as it isn’t apparent. But a perfectionist will either angrily abandon the necklace or throw it away. Leaving the rust on your necklace is not the advisable thing to do because it will spread and it will get very bad. The last thing you want is for someone to ask you why your necklace is rusted. Also, abandoning your necklace is not great because you bought it with money, and the revival is still possible. With simple kitchen substances like vinegar, removing the rust from your necklace is very likely. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can remove rust from your necklace with Vinegar. Let’s go

Get materials ready

The first step to removing the rust from your necklace is to know the materials needed and get them ready. If you will be using vinegar to remove rust from your necklace, then it should be white vinegar. Also, you will need a bowl for the process. The size of the bowl you will be using is determined by the size of the necklace. Usually, any necklace will fit into a small bowl, but if you are working on multiple, you will need to increase the size of the bowl.

Fill up the bowl with white vinegar

Ensure your bowl is totally dry and fill it up with the white vinegar solution. People prefer to use this solution because while it is acidic, it does not affect the chain’s status. Depending on the size of your bowl, you have to fill it up with white vinegar.

Immerse your necklace in the bowl

After your bowl is filled with vinegar, you need to Immerse the necklace into the water. Some necklaces have some designs that may make a section float; however, the case is rare. If any part of your necklace floats, it is a clear sign that you do not have enough white vinegar. What you can do is to add some more vinegar to the kix.

Leave for some hours and brush

Vinegar doesn’t work magic on necklaces. It needs time to remove rust; as such, you need between seven and nine hours of the necklace being immersed in the vinegar. After that, you can use a hard brush to remove rust.

When you are done, remember to rinse the necklace properly.


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