Picking the Right Pool Cue as a Rookie


If you are a rookie at pool, then you probably have a lot of things to learn. At the top of that list will be the ability to get the right pool cue. To do this, you are going to need to learn some vital things about the pool cue.

Of course, you also have other things you’d need to consider. For example, you are going to need to consider the price of the pool cue. Here are some of the best pool cue on a budget. It might turn out useful.

However, in this article, we’ll be focusing on how you can choose the right pool cue to start your game.

Picking the right pool cue

Consider its weight

The first thing you are going to have to consider is the weight of the pool cue. The ideal weight should be anything from 18 ounces to about 22 ounces. However, for most rookies, you should aim for at least 20 ounces worth of weight.

Why is the weight of the pool cue important? The pool cue has to feel just right when you are using it. The standard yardstick is that you should be able to use it with your backhand without too much fuss.

Shorter people are often advised to use a light pool cue. This ensures that the tip of the cue is not overly raised during the game.

Consider its tip

As you probably have already realized, the tip of the pool cue is very important. Every pool player has their style of playing. Your task will be to find a cue that fits that style. Before making a choice, you should know some things about a pool cue tip.

While a soft tip might seem attractive, you might be in for a lot of replacements as they tend to wear out faster. Hard tips on the other hand are quite durable and might longer. However. They are generally not the best options when it comes to spin shots.

As a rookie, it might take you a while to master any of these pool cues. So, aim to get the medium cue tips. This gives you a balance as you learn the game better.

How safe is your pool cue?

When getting a pool cue, you should consider its safety. Usually, the safety of the pool cue is enhanced or reduced by the cue case. When choosing the cue case for your cue, always go for the hard cases. This helps to protect your case from tough falls.

While soft cases might offer some protection, this is one aspect that they simply cannot match up. Before deciding on the right cue case to buy, make sure you consider the type of pool cue you have.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Becoming a pro at pool cue takes a lot of time. Things can move pretty faster than usual if you have your pool cue all sorted out. So, if you haven’t gotten one yet, this is the right time to get quality pool cues at reasonable prices.

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