Why are 99J wigs becoming popular?


As new trends gain popularity every other day, everyone wants to be a part of them. People now look forward to changing their looks every other day. Using a wig is one of the easiest ways to transform your look. Certain styles and hair colors suit your complexion better than your original hair. Wigs that cater to multiple areas and can be versatile to accommodate all user needs are usually the most preferred ones. 99j wigs are an example of this.

What are 99j wigs?

Usually, when it comes to hair, hairstyles are seen as the most trending. However, the ‘burgundy’ hair color has recently gained immense attention. 99j wigs refer to all such wigs in this burgundy color. Originally, burgundy color was named after the burgundy wine, a deep brownish-red shade. However, the 99j wigs refer to various shades that are mixtures of red, brown, purple, and blue and fall within the spectrums of the latter. This color combination gives 99j wigs a shiny and lustrous appearance even under the slightest light. Also, by varying the amount of each color, the final shade can be made to suit every skin complexion.

Why do people prefer 99j wigs?

The main reason behind their popularity lies in how versatile they are. This color can be styled in various ways and made to suit all skin tones. Additionally, this hair color is considered perfect for those with darker skin tones. In addition, these wigs come in various shapes. The length can also be accommodated based on your personal preference. With multiple hairstyles and hair textures to choose from, who can say no to these dramatic and equally mesmerizing wigs?

Things to keep in mind

  1. When choosing a wig, select one that complements your skin tone. Not every shade of burgundy will go well with every skin tone. However, this is relatively easy if you have an excellent dealer to work with.
  2. It would help if you looked for the highest quality in your budget. As it is a unique shade, it would look much better on natural-looking hair.
  3. The burgundy color falls in the darker spectrum. Therefore, it would require some special care. This also depends from wig to wig. Each comes with instructions from the manufacturer. However, some general precautions should be followed, like using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

How to maintain the 99j wigs

In addition to using color-safe shampoos and conditioners, you should decrease the frequency of your washdays when using 99j wigs. Only wash them once a week or when you think the product build-up or dirt has exceeded the average amount. They will fade much faster if washed often, especially when made of human hair. Also, wigs can get dry quickly. With colored wigs, they are even more prone to shedding hair and becoming brittle. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a deep conditioner in your hair care routine.


A good wig fits your head accurately and blends in with your original hair to give a natural but fuller look. If you are looking for a durable and versatile wig – 99j wigs are the best choice.

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